Patent Searches

S&H Partners provides high-quality and cost-effective patent search services to its clients by combining consultant’s expertise and insights into the clients’ IP needs with utilization of the best possible search resources.

Search team is composed of people with several years of search experience and with access to patent and non-patent databases. The team can provide customized reports to clients to meet their specific requirements.


Type of Searches

  • Prior art search
  • Novelty search
  • Invalidity
  • State of The Art
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO)
  • Landscape analysis
  • Publication/competitor watch
  • Design search

A search report may include the following:

  • The complete search record, highlighting the search strategy and hits
  • Short-listed references ranked in order of relevance and highlighted for attorney review
  • Graphical representation highlighting the disclosed features of the invention concerned (undisclosed/partially disclosed/fully
  • disclosed) in the shortlisted prior-art references

Our search strategies may include the following:

  • Keyword based search
  • Classification based search
  • Assignee and Inventor based search
  • Non-patent literature (NPL) search
  • Patent-citation analysis