Integrated Circuit Layout Designs

A semiconductor integrated circuit is an integral part of every computer chip used in modern computers and smartphones. The layout designs of these semiconductor integrated circuits are nothing less of an artwork. The computers belonging to the fifth generation are using Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI), where numerous transistors are being accommodated on a single chip, reducing the size of the chip and at the same time increasing its processing power significantly.

These mechanisms are ultimately aimed to develop smaller and more powerful computers. Thus, in order to promote the development and protection of such technologies, an incentive was taken by various organization across the world to regularize the laws related to protection of Intellectual Property in Layout Designs of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits. The leading organizations amongst these were the World Trade Organization. India is a signatory of WTO, also passed an Act in conformity with the TRIPS agreement called the Semiconductor Integrated Circuits Layout Designs Act (hereinafter referred to as ‘SICLD Act’) passed in the year 2000.

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