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  • S&H Partners is a boutique law firm delivering end to end IP services including strategy, consulting and portfolio management for India and foreign jurisdictions
  • We strive to protect innovations and intangible assets of our clients with best IP practices and state-of-the-art IP management software, PATRICIATM which forms the backbone of our practice and is fundamental in achieving our quality objectives
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Areas of Practice


Patent provides its owner the right (in the form of patent claims) to exclude others from exploiting the patented technology which includes making, using or selling the patented invention for a limited period of years in exchange of public disclosure of the invention.


Industrial design recognizes the new and original features of new shape, configuration, surface pattern, ornamentations and composition of lines or colours applied to articles which in the finished state appeal to and are judged solely by the eye.


Trademark is another word which refers to brands or brand name. Mostly, purchasing decisions of the consumers are mostly influenced by trademarks and their reputations such brands represent.


When someone creates a literary and artistic work which is original and requires a significant mental activity and then the literary and artistic work can be protected by copyright laws.

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indications commonly referred as GI tag, is a sign used on products that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin. In order to function as a GI, the sign must identify a product as originating in a given place.

Trade secrets

A trade secret is confidential information that provides a business with an economic and competitive advantage and is not known to the general public. A trade secret can be anything of value to your company that is unique and not known to persons outside your company.

Integrated Circuit Layout Designs

A semiconductor integrated circuit is an integral part of every computer chip used in modern computers and smartphones. The layout designs of these semiconductor integrated circuits are nothing less of an artwork.

Plant varieties

Plant variety protection provides legal protection of a plant variety to a breeder in the form of Plant Breeder’s Rights.

International Patent Services


S&H Partners provides high-quality and cost-effective patent search services to its clients by combining consultant’s expertise and insights into the clients’ IP needs with utilization of the best possible search resources.

Filing & Prosecution

Drafting, filing and prosecuting Patents, Designs, TM, Copyright, GI, IC layout design and plant verities


Our team has meticulous drawing skills and an ability to convey complex innovative ideas clearly.


Infringement opinions Litigation and contentious proceedings


Due diligence in M&A transaction IP transactional support

What sets us apart?

  •  High Commitment to Clients
  • Breadth of Technical & Business Knowledge
  •  Protecting our client’s intangible assets and advancing their objectives
  •  We as lawyers are committed to bringing these qualities, and more, to every matter, we have found strategy that lead to success. Our goal is to be a firm whose value is enhanced by our dedication to your actual needs, whether it is your initial matter with us or your twentieth.
  • We offer unparalleled insight, advocacy and counsel to the clients we serve because of our unique experience. This experience is due to our goodwill with the patent & trademark offices and statues that Indian courts interpret in connection with some of the most significant rulings and landmark cases in the country.



Samuel Niranjan

Founder Partner
Practice Area: Intellectual Property
Practice Focus: Patent & Design
Education: LL.B, B.E. (Computer Science)
Tel: +91 78999 09460 | +91 80731 08490
Email: samuel@sandhpartners.com

Himanshu Sharma

Founder Partner
Practice Area: Intellectual Property
Practice Focus: Trademark & Copyright
Education: LL.M, B.com (Hons))
Tel: +91 9811687637
Email: himanshu@sandhpartners.com

John Deka

Practice Area: Intellectual Property
Practice Focus: Patent, Design & Trademark
Education: LL.B., B.E. (Electronics & Communication)
Tel: +91 96501 10361
Email: john@sandhpartners.com
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